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Sports Club Luna Brasov was created from the passion for sports, but also from the passion for a healthy lifestyle. CS Luna Brasov organizes ski lessons for children, supported by a team of professionals.
ski camp

Ski Camp CS Luna Brasov offers activities such as: ski lessons, snow-tubing, skating, skypass, games and cottage activities. Accommodation and meals are included.

ski courses

We organize ski lessons for children. Little ones can enjoy snow, fresh air and new landscapes while having fun and learning a new sport discipline.

snowboard courses

Snowboarding courses – snowboarding requires fun and special techniques, and the little champion will have more self-confidence.

Our advantages
What benefits we offer during the courses of Sports Club Luna Brasov
Safety is an important factor for us and our team will make sure that every child will be protected from the cottage to the ski slopes.
The little ones are happy when the winter comes and enrolling in ski lessons is the ideal chance to combine fun with learning a new sport.
During ski lessons, children will learn a new sport, but will also learn what discipline is and, also, new sports techniques.
The children will have the chance to bind new friends on the ski slopes, and they will learn to work in the team, but have fun in the group.
Skiing will provide a number of health benefits: the muscular and cardiovascular systems become much stronger.
The younger one will gain more self-confidence, in the case of a skiing camp he will develop his team spirit and become more disciplined.

Enrolling is done by filling in the contact form or contacting the phone number!

Sports CLub Luna Brasov

Brasov Ski Courses – CS Luna Sports Club organizes ski lessons for children by providing professional instructors and eager to teach the little ones all the necessary techniques.

The ski courses can be followed in the ski camps organized by CS Luna in Poiana Brasov. Here the little ones have the chance to learn a complex sport while having fun and bind new friends.

Let the little one develop his sports skills, communication and learn what the team spirit is with CS Luna Brasov team.

Snowboard courses

It is seen as being more “fashionable” than skiing, that being the reason why children are more attracted to this sport. This should be a joy for parent, because snowboarding brings a lot of health benefits for the children.

In terms of health, the cardiovascular system is strengthened, just as the muscular one. This sport involves a considerable physical effort to maintain the balance on the board. The legs are the most engaged, but effects can also be seen in the abdominal area.

It is an intense sport which requires balance and flexibility, who also helps with the development of new movements and techniques. Coordination and concentration are also required in the practice of this sport.

The little one will surely be delighted to attend snowboarding classes, when he will see that this sport involves not only technique but also much fun. As in any sport, the little one will learn to be more disciplined, more careful and his self-confidence will develop once he will manage his first board jumps.

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CS Luna brasov
Enrolling is done by filling in the contact form or contacting the phone number!
meet the team!
Our professional team is always ready to help! The instructors are speakers of Romanian, English, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian and Greek.
George Munteanu

Coordinating coach

Cristina Dima

Ski coach


Ski coach

Ana Marinescu

I can affirm that my little ones have spent a wonderful winter skiing this winter. They attended ski courses on a famous part of Poiana Brasov. It was the most beautiful vacation they have spent in recent years! I recommend to all, with a lot of warmth, to practice winter sports in the sports club Luna Brasov.

Marius Popescu

At the Luna Brasov Sports Club my children had a unique, wonderful experience. In the most beautiful time of skiing, they had fun. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the services offered cost far more than the costs of practicing winter sports. Next year my children will come back with great devotion at CS Luna!

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Professional Ski Instructors for You

If you are looking for ski instructors then you are in the right place. The CS Luna Team provides you with a team of professionals to help you. The professionalism and passion of our team will come to your aid. Skiing is one of the most noble winter sports, offering many benefits to both the body and the mind.

We invite you to ski in Poiana Brasov!

Enjoy ski lessons in Poiana Brasov with the specialized instructors from C.S.Luna. These are organized each year by our team, with a long tradition. You can join with your family and children to spend unforgettable moments on the party.

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