Who are we?

Sports Club Luna Brasov was created from our passion for sports, but also from the desire to share our passion for a healthy lifestyle. CS Luna Brasov organizes ski and snowboard classes for kids who want to learn this wonderful winter sport.

Our qualified team of professionals is always ready to initiate the little athletes. We also offer training courses for those who want to improve their performance.

Each member of the team is specially trained to provide the necessary training for each age or training of the children. Thus, teaching methods are tailored to the individual needs of each child.


During the ski and snowboard classes, children will practice the sport while having fun and making new friends. The children will develop their sports, social and communication skills, and will learn the team spirit with CS Luna Brasov team.

  • The little ones will enjoy snow, fresh air and new landscapes.
  • They will learn a new sport involving physical effort and discipline
  • New friendships will be formed on sky slopes
  • The muscular and cardiovascular system will be stronger.
  • Each child will pay close attention to it
  • We promote physical, social and cognitive development
  • We want to share our passion for sports
  • We believe in a healthy lifestyle.

Sports Club Luna Brasov


meet the team!
Our professional team is always ready to help! The instructors are speakers of Romanian, English, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian and Greek.
George Munteanu

Coordinating coach

Cristina Dima

Ski coach


Ski coach

Sandra Mazilu

Ski coach

Bogdan Mazilu

Ski coach

Atilla Torok

Ski coach


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