Participate in the CS Luna Ski School!

Skiing is considered to be the most beautiful and noble winter sport, especially because of the truly special experiences it offers. At CS Luna, your children will have the opportunity to practice this sport in a welcoming atmosphere. At the ski school, this sport becomes much more enjoyable due to the slopes divided by levels of difficulty, fit for all the aptitudes.

With the help of the CS Luna instructors, children will be able to learn, advance and improve in the shortest possible time. Also, one important thing to mention is that any lesson is carried out with maximum safety in mind. During the lessons, the participating children will make the most of the natural conditions they have at their disposal. The main objectives of the courses are the initiation, consolidation and improvement of their skiing technique. Besides this, another goal is to encourage socializing and spending time outdoors.

CS Luna is a young and dynamic group dedicated to teaching skiing. We are a small and exclusive group of professional instructors with an extensive experience in the field. Our activity is concentrated around teaching private lessons for those willing, regardless of their level of training. Our team is specially trained to adapt any lesson to everyone’s needs. Thus, each child will have a pleasant, safe and unforgettable experience.

A good instructor is, above all, a good educator. They must know how to encourage the natural qualities of the children. This will encourage them to use their abilities better, making the little ones more aware of their own strengths and abilities.

The ski school is designed for children who are passionate about skiing and who want to learn or improve in this sport. One hour of course lasts an hour and fifty minutes. The departure is from Livada Postei, the arrival being in the same place. From Monday to Friday, pickup from Livada Postei takes place at 13 o’clock, returning at 16:30. During the weekend, the departure takes place at 8:30 and arrivals at 12:30.

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