Professional Ski Instructors for You

If you are looking for ski instructors then you are in the right place. The CS Luna Team provides you with a team of professionals to help you. The professionalism and passion of our team will come to your aid. Skiing is one of the most noble winter sports, offering many benefits to both the body and the mind.

We invite you to ski in Poiana Brasov!

Enjoy ski lessons in Poiana Brasov with the specialized instructors from C.S.Luna. These are organized each year by our team, with a long tradition. You can join with your family and children to spend unforgettable moments on the party.

Snowboard Equipment

Snowboard Equipment Kids need sport since early age. Sport activities help them to have a good growth and is beneficial from several points of view. In the cold season mountain sports like ski or snowboard are very popular among young people in particular.

Ski Equipment: Beginner’s Guide

A ski beginner confronts with many problems and dilemmas when it comes to going out on the slopes for the first time. One of the major dilemmas is, of course, related to the ski equipment that they need to choose. Whatever your concerns, we will try to clarify them in this article.

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