Snowboard courses

Snowboard courses

Snowboarding, along skiing, is one of the most practiced winter sports. It is seen as being more “fashionable” than skiing, that being the reason why children are more attracted to this sport. This should be a joy for parent, because snowboarding brings a lot of health benefits for the children.

In terms of health, the cardiovascular system is strengthened, just as the muscular one. This sport involves a considerable physical effort to maintain the balance on the board. The legs are the most engaged, but effects can also be seen in the abdominal area.

It is an intense sport which requires balance and flexibility, who also helps with the development of new movements and techniques. Coordination and concentration are also required in the practice of this sport.

The little one will surely be delighted to attend snowboarding classes, when he will see that this sport involves not only technique but also much fun. As in any sport, the little one will learn to be more disciplined, more careful and his self-confidence will develop once he will manage his first board jumps.The surrounding landscapes and the fact that he will be able to enjoy plenty of snow will make your little one love this sport even more.

Parents can choose out of the snowboarding classes offered by CS Luna Sports Club and offer to your little one a special holiday, one in which he will have fun, will make new friends, and learn the intricacies of a new and complex sport.

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Schedule snowboard courses for children Brasov:

  • Location: Poiana Brasov
  • Minimum age: 8 years;
  • Duration of lesson is: 2h;
  • Snowboard instructors: George Munteanu;
  • Cable transport is paid separately, 10lei / climb or individual card;
  • The equipment is not included;
  • Personal Trainer: 100 lei/h;
  • 10 lessons – 800 lei;
  • private courses – call the phone: 0787 222 777 or fill out the form on the contact page.
We give children a lift from kindergarten, school or afterschool.

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