Brasov Ski Classes For Your Kids

Do you want to give your child an unforgettable vacation? CS Luna provides you with Brasov ski classes and Brasov camps for your little ones. They will learn to ski, skate, and snow tube. In addition to these physical activities, children will take part in various personal development activities. Within these activities, they will be able to develop their attention span and memory, reduce their dependence on technology and make friends.

Where? In Poiana Brasov resort, accommodation will be at Cabana Andi.

When? From 3rd to 7th January 2018/ 21st  – 26th  January 2018/ 11th -16th  February 2018/18th -23rd  February 2018.

Who is it addressed to?

Brasov ski classes and ski camps are aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 14 years old, giving them the opportunity to socialize. The club will provide you with specially trained instructors to train and supervise your little ones. They can offer both classes for beginners and perfecting classes for children who want to improve their performance.

Brasov Ski Classes For Your Kids

What is the purpose of the camp?
During the camp, children will have the opportunity to learn a new sport while making friends and having fun on the slopes. Signing up for Brasov ski classes is a perfect way for children to develop both their athletic and socializing skills. At the end of the camp or classes, they will be able to slide on the slopes and turn safely.

How will the children’s program take place?

During the first part of the day, the children will have breakfast, after which they will go for 4 hours of skiing. In the afternoon, they will participate in various personal development workshops, where they will have the opportunity to socialize. In the evening, they will take part in games and cottage activities. The last night of the camp there will be an award ceremony, where prizes and medals will be awarded for the activities carried out.

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