Ski Equipment: Beginner’s Guide

A ski beginner confronts with many problems and dilemmas when it comes to going out on the slopes for the first time. One of the major dilemmas is, of course, related to the ski equipment that they need to choose. Whatever your concerns, we will try to clarify them in this article. Therefore, let’s take them one by one:

Skis. There are several criteria you need to keep in mind when choosing your skis. We will not go into too much detail so as not to confuse you. But one thing to remember is not to choose the equipment on the basis of its appearance. Arguments such as color or pattern are irrelevant in the face of practicality.

Ski boots. The advantage of claps is that you will buy them once. After you’ve bought your first pair, you probably will not need another. So when you buy them, make sure they are not uncomfortable and that they are the right size.

Ski clothes. The winter clothes you wear on the street are not enough when you go out on the mountain. You will freeze. It is best to choose a ski jacket that will preserve your body temperature. Pants are just as important. Opt for a windbreaker-like material because it provides waterproofing and protection against the cold.

Protective equipment. This is indispensable to beginners as it protects you from inevitable injuries. It also gives you more confidence to try new maneuvers on the slopes.

An instructor. Of course, ski equipment is not the only important thing when you go out on the slopes. To avoid unpleasant accidents and ski without worry, use one of our specialized instructors. CS Luna will provide you with the best team to help you conquer the slopes and ski safely. A specialist who will show you where you are wrong and show you how to ski correctly will do wonders for your technique.

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