Professional Ski Instructors for You

If you are looking for ski instructors then you are in the right place. The CS Luna Team provides you with a team of professionals to help you. The professionalism and passion of our team will come to your aid. Skiing is one of the most noble winter sports, offering many benefits to both the body and the mind. However, going out on the slopes without the guidance of a professional is dangerous.

Whether you are a beginner or want to improve, seek the help of ski instructors. They have all the knowledge they need to help you develop your abilities. We advise you not to ask for the help friends or family members, no matter how good they are on the slopes. Without the training and training in the field, they are unable to give the right advice. Consider all of this before you go out and you will have a pleasant experience.

Ski courses are for both adults and children. This is an activity for the whole family. So, during winter, take advantage of the snow and come to Poiana Brasov with the ski instructors from CS Luna!

Professional Ski Instructors for You

You will also need the right clothes when you go out on the slopes. When it is cold, you will feel uncomfortable and you will not be able to ski. So you need warm clothes, preferably waterproof. Also keep in mind the clothes you wear underneath. Choose a pair of tights under your pants if you need to. Do not forget eyewear and sun cream. Even if it is winter, the UV rays make their presence felt.

Last but not least, keep in mind the color code. Each track has a certain level of difficulty, expressed in a certain color. The green ones are easiest, followed by blue, red and then black. At the classes offered by CS Luna, you will benefit from the training provided by true professionals. So you and the rest of your family do not have to worry about anything  and you can enjoy the snow together.

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