Brasov ski classes: useful tips

Skiing down a slope through the freshly fallen snow with the glistening sun reflecting on the snow-covered peaks has got to be one of the most beautiful feelings. To truly enjoy this experience, we offer you a couple pieces of advice for you to keep in mind. If you’ve never skied before but you want to give it a try, then this is the right moment. However, before you step onto the slope, you have to be properly informed. If you want to take part in Brasov ski classes, then consider these tips for your next outing onto the slopes.

Protect your skin! Especially from the sun, wind and cold. Snow reflects the sun’s rays, which means you will get a tan if you spend a lot of time on the slope. Always use a sunscreen. This will protect and moisturize your skin against the wind and cold too.

Color code. All tracks receive a color code that reflects their level of difficulty. The green lanes are the easiest, followed by the blue, red and black ones, the latter being the most difficult. Ski carefully and choose the right slope, based on your own level of experience. At Brasov ski classes offered by CS Luna, their qualified instructors are experts in training beginners and will give you all the help you need to safely glide on the slopes.

Clothing. You will also need the right clothes. If you are feeling uncomfortable or cold, then you will not be able to enjoy your time on the slopes. For this reason, you need warm clothes, preferably waterproof. Consider what you are wearing underneath too. You can choose to wear a pair of tights under your pants. The arms and hands should be completely covered and you should wear gloves.

Skiing is not one of those sports that you can learn by yourself. Also, it’s not a good idea to rely on the help of friends or family who have skied before. The help of an experienced instructor could make the difference between a pleasant experience and a tragedy. Take all these things into consideration and your experience on the slope will definitely be an unforgettable one!

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